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Apron - Gingham - Raven
Price: $29.95

Christopher Kimball on the Milk Street aprons:

Let’s begin with kitchen aprons. Our three designs—French Stripe, Gingham and Chambray Slub—are all substantial in terms of fabric weight but not overwhelming. These aprons are not gauzy fashion accessories; they are built for real cooks. Second, they are the proper length; just above the knee for me. Some aprons are so short that you end up with flour or hot oil on your pants if you’re not careful! All three designs offer two wide pockets, great for an instant read thermometer, a cellphone, a timer or even a small kitchen towel or peeler. As far as adjusting the neck strap, the Gingham design uses a metal buckle (similar to a guitar strap) which avoids the issue of loose ends. The other two aprons have large metal grommets at the top of the apron. Simple adjust to your size and tie a double knot which will set the length. Very easy and no extra fabric hanging down. All of our aprons are machine washable: use cold water and tumble dry on low.

French Stripe: This design is patterned after the aprons worn by European shop keepers and offers a wider bib for maximum protection. Available in Raven and Bering Sea colors.

Gingham: This check pattern is a classic and is patterned on the check pattern inside 18th century English fabric mills. The Gingham also offers a cellphone pocket at the top of the apron with two generous pockets below. Like the other designs, the wide bib offers maximum protection.

Chambray Slub: Chambray is often associated with lighter fabrics such as Oxford shirts but our Chambray Slub is a slighter rougher, heavier fabric perfectly suited for the kitchen. Two generous pockets hold almost anything, and the neck is easily adjustable using a double knot and large metal grommet. Also has a wide bib and reinforced stress points.