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Kitchen Towel

Christopher Kimball on our kitchen towel collaboration:

As for towels, we offer three different designs: Flour Sack, Deluxe Cotton Kitchen Towel, and Utility Kitchen Towels. All three are 20 by 30 inches. The Flour Sack are the lightest model, perfect for polishing glassware, wiping a counter, or cleaning knives. They are simple, beautiful and practical! We also offer heavier Deluxe Kitchen Towels in four different colors, each a simple striped pattern. These cotton chambray slub towels absorb water easily and are just the right weight and size for heavy-duty kitchen work. Finally, our Deluxe Linen Kitchen towels are a combination of linen and cotton and will become more absorbent with each use.

Utility Kitchen Towels: These are the towels I have been looking for. Just the right weight, the right size, and they absorb water nicely. I also love the simple striped design that comes in four different colors. They are 20 inches by 30 inches and come with a hanging loop.

Deluxe Cotton Linen Kitchen Towels: The combination of linen and cotton gives these towels a more sophisticated look and feel but they are still eminently practical. They will absorb more and more water as you use them and are as practical as our other designs.