Choosing the Right Towel:
A Guide for Every Kitchen 

Have you ever tried to dry the dishes and realized the towel you’re using is just pushing the water around but not actually drying anything?


That can be super frustrating, and the thing is…you're not alone! 

The truth is, not all kitchen towels are meant for the same function - each type has its own unique strengths.  From drying dishes to wiping down countertops or even cleaning up huge messes, the right towel can make your kitchen tasks much easier. In this friendly guide, we’ll unravel the mystery of different kitchen towels, from terry to flats and flour sacks, even those sleek microfiber ones.  Let’s dive into the world of kitchen towels and find the perfect match for every kitchen need, featuring some top KAF Home picks.

The Kaf Home Family

The Workhorse of the Kitchen

When it comes to tackling big kitchen messes, terry towels will most likely be your best friend. Known for their cotton “loops”, these cleaning workhorses are all about functionality and durability.  The loops help create additional surface area, which helps soak up all the water/juice/spaghetti sauce/etc in your situation.   


Their usefulness extends beyond wet clean up, the terry loops are also great for wiping down countertops and mopping up spills, thanks to their slightly textured surface, adept at picking up crumbs and other debris.

Why we love the KAF Home Popcorn Terry

A Dish Dryer’s best friend

Flour Sacks may top the list as the ultimate cult classic, sporting a thin, durable and lightweight fabric, while remaining surprisingly absorbent and versatile.  Flour sacks are perfect for delicate tasks like drying fresh produce (highly absorbent), or covering rising dough (lightweight and gentle to the hand).  They are also great hanging on an apron, when chef needs a quick hand or counter wipe.

While that all may sound appealing, these towels will literally change your life if you ever find yourself needing to dry glassware, dishes or dinnerware and cutlery.  These ultimate drying machines will leave a lint-free finish on your finest tableware, leaving your guests to “Ooooh” and “Aaaaah” over your immaculate silver and glass. Give them a shot, you’ll be drinking the Kool-Aid soon enough. 

Reasons to love the KAF Home Flour Sacks

The Quick-Drying Kitchen Essential

Waffle towels come in a variety of weaves and patterns, with many boasting unique waffle shapes - from small pyramids to large hexagonal structures.  The distinctive weaves give each type of waffle weave towels a unique, textured look.  Waffle towels can be known as super absorbers, but many are also water-pushers.  This tradeoff is typically due to processing treatments that sacrifice water absorbency for shrinkage.  


Because of their loose construction and weave, many waffle towels experience post wash shrinkage of 15+%, and you’ll find that your favorite waffle towel may also be your smallest… 

We also appreciate waffle towels for their structure, which allows them to dry faster than traditional towels, reducing the chances of mildew and odors.  The post-wash waffle can also be great for wrapping freshly baked bread and other dishes that could benefit from some light insulation. Whether you’re drying a cast-iron skillet or wrapping freshly baked bread, these towels are up to the task, combining durability with a sleek, modern look.

Why we love the KAF Jumbo Waffle

  • Superior Drying efficiency: KAF Home's waffle weave technology ensures rapid moisture capture, offering unmatched drying efficiency.
  • Extra-Large Design: Their generous sizing makes tackling extensive kitchen tasks a breeze, distinguishing them in both form and function.
  • View Online: Click here to learn more about the KAF Jumbo Waffle

Style with Functional Practicality

Now, let's talk about tea towels – that quintessential decorative / functional kitchen accessory.  More than just a tool for drying hands or dishes, these flats are a mainstay of kitchen decor.  Tea towels typically exhibit some type of design, and whether printed or woven into the fabric as a jacquard, they are usually made of linen or cotton, and often purchased and displayed for the touch of decor they add to your space.

Why we love our Frank Lloyd Wright Jacquard Towels

  • Sophisticated Design: Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright's iconic patterns, these towels add elegance and a unique artistic touch to any home.
  • Versatile Function: Beyond their beauty, they're perfect for drying dishes or adding a stylish accent to your kitchen, blending utility with sophistication.
  • View Online: Click here to learn more about the Frank Lloyd Wright Jacquard Towels

The Multi-Tasking Cleaning Companion

Microfiber towels are celebrated for their versatility and efficiency, making them an indispensable tool in the kitchen as well as around the house. Known for their non-abrasive qualities, these towels are perfect for a myriad of tasks, ranging from drying dishes to cleaning various surfaces. Their ability to clean effectively, with or without chemical cleaners, sets them apart.

Why we love the Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Set

  • Multipurpose: This set features four distinct types of cleaning cloths, each specifically designed for a unique purpose: utility, stainless steel, glass, and wood. 
  • Efficient: The 4 pack combines traditional microfiber efficiency with specialized functionality - a must-have in the modern home.
  • View Online: Click here to learn more about the KAF Home Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Set

Softness Meets Durability

Last but definitely not least, let's explore the reverse terry towels. This option brings together the benefit of flat towels on one side with the weight and absorbency of terry towels on the other side. They are perfect for heavy-duty tasks like drying pots and pans or wiping down messy countertops. It's a practical and stylish addition to any kitchen.


No matter your kitchen needs, there's a towel out there that's perfectly suited for the job, you just need to make sure you pick the right one!  From mess-tackling terry towels to the decorative tea towels and versatile flour sack, each has its unique role in the kitchen.  Quit wasting time with ineffective towels that soak through and only push water around - it’s time to identify and incorporate premium, functional towels that solve the problems in your daily life. 

Why we love the KAF Strada Towel