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Jumbo Flour Sack Set

KAF Home


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Here is another kitchen essential - the Jumbo Flour Sack Set. The wrinkled format is commonly used as a Kitchen / Chef Towel, covering bread dough and hot rolls, baked goods and more. Especially great for cleaning and drying glass stemware, with this being a lint-free towel. These are also great for crafting and makes a wonderful tea towel!

  • 100% Cotton
  • Fabric details: The fabric is bleached and dipped in alkali. This helps with the development of wrinkles. The fabric is then Calendered where the fabric is passed through two heated rollers to kind of set the wrinkles. The fabric is then washed and dried.
  • Easy-Care: These towels highly absorbent, machine washable, tumble dry. These Flour Sack Towels are lightweight, thin and easy to work with.